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A Roadmap to Impact Measurement

Impact – a buzzword in the mission-driven field that is often overused and undefined.

You may intrinsically know that your organization is doing good things in your desired field, but how do you define, measure, and display your impact for others (funders, stakeholders, potential supporters) to understand?

Though this may seem like a daunting task, and there are complex and expensive ways to measure impact, we will share and discuss a relatively simple and straightforward rubric and tools for measuring your organization’s impact that you will be able to use in order to measure impact, communicate the difference your organization makes, and manage resource allocation decisions going forward.

Come learn how to differentiate and explain in a compelling way the impact you are creating, in order to attract investment, interest supporters, and lay out a roadmap for any size organization!

Participants will leave this session with a new way of thinking about how to measure and communicate inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impact in an increasingly competitive marketplace for dollars, eyeballs, and human capital.


JAMES LEE, Partner at Jackson Hole Group

James has a deep background in both the nonprofit and business communities. He has led education-focused nonprofits, built a business as a private sector entrepreneur, and developed strategy, programs, and organizations as a senior executive, board member, and consultant.

Before joining Jackson Hole Group, James was a Partner at Schaffer&Combs, a management consulting and executive search firm. Prior to this James worked in the charter school education sector, helping both KIPP and Leadership Public Schools in a strategic fundraising capacity. A graduate of Princeton University, James began his career at McKinsey & Company and then was Founder and CEO of a multi-million-dollar retail business in the San Francisco Bay Area. A longtime member of Development Executives Roundtable, James has also served on multiple nonprofit boards and advisory councils.