Development Associate

Fountain of Life Africa (FOLA) seeks a part-time Development Associate to manage fundraising, donor relations, and project oversight. Responsibilities include managing donations, setting fundraising targets, expanding the donor base, growing social media engagement, updating the website, coordinating with the Zambian team, and supporting board meetings and the annual fundraiser. The role starts at 10-20 hours per week, with potential for full-time depending on performance and organizational needs. The ideal candidate is passionate, resourceful, and experienced in fundraising and project management. Reporting to the Executive Directors of FOLA and TGE, the candidate will drive impactful initiatives in Zambia.

Location: Remote (preference for SF Bay Area)

Reports to: President of FOLA and Executive Director of TGE

About FOLA: Fountain of Life Africa (FOLA) is a Christian non-profit organization
dedicated to improving the lives of under-resourced communities through infrastructure
projects in Zambia. We are committed to breaking the cycles of poverty, disease, and
gender inequality, focusing on three key areas: 1) Clean Water, 2) Education, and 3)
Health Care. Operated by a volunteer board and dedicated individuals in the US and
Zambia, FOLA employs local labor, and sources supplies and materials from within the
communities we serve to ensure sustainable and impactful development. We pledge
that 100% of all donations go directly to our projects, offering full transparency of
financial allocation. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, thousands of children
are attending school for the first time, hundreds of mothers and babies are surviving
childbirth, and communities are thriving with access to clean water.

About TGE: The Giving Exchange (TGE) partners with under-resourced communities
to implement self-sustaining projects for a lasting impact. We value honesty,
transparency, and collaboration. Our strong board and dedicated staff work together to
improve the lives of under-resourced communities in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and

Position Summary: FOLA and TGE are collaborating to create a more efficient impact
in the communities we serve by hiring a Development Associate. This is an exciting new
opportunity, marking the first time this position is available and the first time these
organizations are working together in this way. The Development Associate will focus
solely on FOLA, leading its efforts in management, planning, campaigns, and
communications, while collaborating with TGE for necessary infrastructure support
(CRM, financial backend, and staffing structure). The Development Associate will
manage various fundraising and marketing initiatives, coordinate projects, and support
FOLA fundraisers.

Initially, we have allocated 20 hours per week for the first six months of this position.
With room for growth, flexibility, and innovation, this role has the potential to evolve into
something larger over time. The Development Associate will work closely with TGE’s
Executive Director, FOLA’s President, board members, and Zambian project
coordinators to achieve our mission.

Primary Responsibilities – Short-term Goals (First 6 Months):

 Donations & Acknowledgements: Respond to each donation with a letter,
email, or phone call within 48 hours. Manage the donations webpage, and
provide year-end donation summaries in early January.

 Set specific fundraising targets: Set fundraising targets for campaigns such as
a Fall Campaign, GivingTuesday, Holiday Campaign, etc. For example, aim to
raise $10,000 through the GivingTuesday campaign in December.

 Rebuild/Expand Donor Base: aim to steward major donors (example: define
donation amount for “major donor” status and double the number of “major
donors” either by increasing annual donation amounts or cultivate new donors)
and solicit recurring donors (example: increase number of recurring donors by
300%, from 3 to 9) through targeted campaigns and outreach efforts.

 Manage Social Media and Grow Engagement: Oversee and update FOLA’s
social media platforms with at least two posts per week, with a priority on
Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Increase social media engagement metrics
such as follows, likes, shares, and comments by 50% within the six months.

 Oversee and update FOLA’s website: Ensure the website is updated with
status updates as necessary, at least quarterly. The website is hosted on

 Manage Marketing Campaigns: Send quarterly emails to the donor base with
status updates.

 Project Coordination: Conduct six monthly check-ins with the team in Zambia,
provide status updates, and report to the founder, board, and donors as

 Enhance communication with donors: Utilize the CRM to send quarterly or bi-
annual e-mail newsletter blasts with status updates. Measure success by the
percentage of donors who open or engage with these communications or provide

 Support Two Quarterly Board Meetings: Manage logistics, including invites,
scheduling, meeting links, and preparing financial and status reports. Enhance
the efficiency of the quarterly board meetings by implementing a system for
scheduling preparation and reporting. Measure success by time saved and
quality of information provided to board members. Support Live Fundraising Events: Assist in organizing and executing any live fundraising events. Aim to increase attendance and funds raised compared to
previous years.

Skills and Qualifications:
 Passionate about international development and improving lives globally.
 Very proactive and self-motivated, able to manage time effectively.
 Experience in development associate roles and project management.
 Comfortable making donation requests/asks.
 Skilled communicator with strong writing abilities.
 A connection to Zambia or Africa is a plus.
 Caring, compassionate, and culturally sensitive.
 Previous experience in nonprofit fundraising is preferred but not essential; we
welcome passionate and eager learners.
Tools and Software:
 Network for Good (CRM) / Constant Contact (E-mail marketing)
 Webflow (Website)
 Social media platforms (especially Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
 & GoogleDrive (file sharing/archiving)
 Trello & (project management)
 Quickbooks Online (financials)

Work Environment:
 Remote position with occasional travel (1-4 times per year) to the SF Bay Area
and/or Africa. We have a preference for applicants living in the East Bay.

Application Process:
 Submit a resume and cover letter detailing why you are interested in leading
 Email your application to with the subject line
“*FOLA JOB APP* – your name” (e.g., *FOLA JOB APP* – Curious George).

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